Risk Analyzer

Technology for a New Era in Global Pension Plan Risk Management

Supporting over 900 plans with £750 billion assets around the world as of December 31, 2023

Cost Control

Identify cost saving opportunities and reduce management time, with user friendly information all in one place

Risk Management

Don't let risk just "happen", manage risk proactively to maximise rewards

Actionable Information

Access decision support tools to identify pension risk management opportunities

Timely Data

Track assets and liabilities daily and react to opportunities quickly, using timely financial information to make effective decisions

Financial Planning

Budget pension costs and plan for economic uncertainty, including user-driven real-time "what-if" scenarios

Fiduciary Management

Achieve greater governance controls using a flexible, customised tool with access to relevant information

Ready Access to Pension Data

Find design, financial and operational data for your pension plans globally

Integrated Solutions

Make decisions with confidence, using integrated investment and actuarial technologies

Key Features

Risk Management

  • Analyse sources of risk
  • Evaluate impact of interest rate and credit spread changes on assets and liabilities
  • Track progress along a glide path
  • Receive de-risking trigger alerts
  • Model 'What If' scenarios
  • Project funding, accounting and buyout positions

Risk Settlement

  • Monitor regular buy-in pricing feeds from insurers
  • Capture opportunities when market pricing is favourable
  • Discover the value of securing an annuity for the largest liabilities
  • Understand how close you are to buyout and learn how you can bridge the affordability gap
  • Analyse in detail the risk that your members live longer than expected

What's new?

  • Alternative Financing
  • Interactive Value at Risk
  • Viewpoints
  • Strategy
  • Deficit Bridge Analysis
  • Risk Analyzer App - read more here

Monitor Your Position

  • Make quick decisions with daily assets and liabilities
  • Aggregate financial data at global, regional, country and plan level
  • Monitor funding, accounting, and other custom positions
  • Understand market impact through attribution of reasons for change
  • Access design, financial and operational data for management reporting (for our multinational clients)


  • Make valuation discussions interactive
  • Change assumptions to see the immediate impact on your liabilities and costs
  • Integrate funding, investment and covenant decisions
  • Discuss and agree a suitable Recovery Plan
  • Reach fast and effective decisions in meetings by having live results

Defined Contributions

  • Define scheme objectives considering the viewpoints of different stakeholders - read more here
  • Understand your members - model by age, contribution rate, investment strategy, salary, pot size, location, etc.
  • Analyse whether your DC members are on track
  • Monitor sample member outcomes over time

"The Risk Analyzer tool is very slick, well presented, and a great way to capture a lot of complex information... the tool will influence the way in which the trustees and I monitor scheme funding and investment information"

Colin Osborne
Pensions Manager, Northern Ireland Electricity

"The information on Risk Analyzer is really useful. In particular, it's great to see the movement over flexible time periods and the main drivers behind this"

Mark Bullivant
Finance Director and Trustee, NSK Pension Scheme

"The use of Aon's Risk Analyzer was a considerable addition to the valuation process. Aon used it to present the 31 December valuation results at the March meeting following and then finalise the valuation and recovery plan in early May - only four months after the valuation date. It allowed us to immediately see the impact of changing a range of assumptions on our deficit and recovery plan. It was very easy to understand and enabled us to explore different combinations of assumptions and recovery plans very efficiently. This enabled both the deficit and contributions levels to be agreed between the Company and Trustee at this March meeting and all parties were very pleased to be able to conclude the valuation so effectively."

George Taylor
Independent Trustee Chairman

"Aon used Risk Analyzer to present the initial results of our March 2015 valuation - the results were available on time for our Trustees' meeting, around 3 months after our valuation date, and everything ran very smoothly. Our Trustees found the use of technology to present the valuation results much more engaging than the paper presentations that Aon had prepared at previous valuations. The ability to move 'sliders' to see the impact of changing assumptions and different recovery plan structures was very interactive, saving time compared to Aon having to go away and come back with alternatives, and the ability to look at risk measures such as value-at-risk added useful context."

Jackie Broughton
Pensions Manager, Hoover Candy

"As a trustee of a small pension scheme I found Aon’s Risk Analyzer to be an elegant, simple and yet a deeply informative application that effectively communicates the relevant information without overwhelming the senses. I believe the clarity that Risk Analyzer provided on our funding position, the associated risks inherent in our asset and liability management and some fascinating data on the scheme’s membership was of great aid to myself and the rest of the Trustees, and helped speed up our decision making process. I believe Risk Analyzer brings pension scheme communication, and analysis, in line with modern expectations of how information is disseminated in the twenty-first century – long overdue but no less welcome for that."

Paul Mandeville
Trustee, Lyreco (UK) Pension Fund

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